Mission + Vision


For My Girls, LLC provides programs that are designed to nurture and inspire girls ages 10 – 18 through mentoring, life skills, college coaching and enrichment activities. Our purpose is to help young ladies grow in their relationship with one another as they develop, utilize their social skills and build a positive self image. In addition, we want to provide a program of sustained mentoring whereby participants gain basic knowledge, awareness and skills that will enhance their ability to develop into confident young ladies, interact in various social groups and become leaders for tomorrow.


Why Us?

The participants in our program will ultimately be leaders of tomorrow. For them to be effective in these roles, mentors who care enough and are willing to help them expand their knowledge must encourage them. Our program is designed to help the participants develop and identify their individual gifts and talents. Participants will be held accountable for maintaining positive behavior as well as maintaining good grades. They will be challenged to participate in activities that may be unfamiliar to them.

The Princess Club