Sisters Aiming To Reach A Higher Standard.

Achieving success throughout life often depends on the decisions we make.  Decisions can sometimes be confusing or even scary. Education? Career? Parenting? Re-establishing independence? Defining goals and making plans to achieve them?

SARAHS (Life Coaching Program) recognizes these
challenges and offers the opportunity for women to benefit from mentoring

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The Comic Book Literacy and Arts program presented by Pyroglyphics Studios offers workshops and fun courses designed to give a basic introduction to the world of comic book illustration and writing. Students are taught how to describe, design, draw, ink, and then detail their characters to create unique visions of art. Through carefully structured work lessons and assignments, students will learn to take an idea from a dream, to tangible reality.

“I not only enjoy doing art but I find myself even more enthusiastic when I have the opportunity to teach what I have learned. By establishing this Comic Book Course, my Studio has been able to provide the next generation with a voice, skills, and opportunities I lacked growing up.”- Shawn Alleyne

Contact: Shawn Alleyne (Head of Pyroglyphics Studio) for more information. 

Phone: (267) 584-3132 Email: